Greece 2024 Travelogue!

Day 7: Pizza and Beer are highly recommended.

Slightly laid back day today as nothing really leapt out at me on the schedule to finish off the night (plus I was already off the main site at the U of W.) Praise be to Garbonzo’s in the U of W annex for their cheap beer special and 15% fringegoer discount. An excellent idea when you can imagine they suffer a bit during summer session.


Anatolia Speaks (Venue 3, Playhouse Studio)

Despite being able to see the line from a nearby office window I almost didn’t make it here in time to get tickets. In the end I think only six people or so behind me got tickets and I’m lucky no one in front of me was buying large numbers. I wasn’t surprised though. Shows written by Kenneth Brown have consistently been among my favourite dramas for the past decade of fringes and this one was no exception.

The one woman shows follows a young Bosnian woman’s journey to becoming a New Canadian after fleeing the Yugoslav civil wars. Candice Fiorentino tells Anatolia’s story superbly and manages to show an indefatigable spirit while still letting the deep wounds of her past occasionally crack through. A lesser Actress would have gone overboard with the hysterics at points but giving the character that quiet strength made the story all the more powerful. Highly recommended.

Moonlight after Midnight (Venue 13, Asper Centre for Theatre and Film)

This one was interesting but more or less impossible to describe here. Absolutely one of those plays where your interpretation may be fully 180 degrees from the person you saw it with. Two people come together in a hotel room, is your first impression right, is your second? Both performers were quite good but it was definitely something that needs to sit in my brain a bit longer before talking more about it.

Overheard in line (day 7): “Boy is he sweaty, must be the ginger.“ (Older Lady re: Shelby Bond after he came by drumming up interest in One Man BTTF)

Highlight of the Day/Recommendations:

Anatolia Speaks was phenomenal but tickets might be a problem.

Leaflets/handbills rec’d: 75 (Mostly getting offered repeats at this point)

Up Next:

Day off from Fringing due to softball and other things (like rest,) back at it Thursday with Roller Derby Saved my Soul at lunch followed by other things.