Greece 2024 Travelogue!

AA:Day 7: The International Gumboot Throwing Festival

Agony, absolute agony as we rose at 7 today. Once we got moving things were surprisingly good though as our bodies lulled us into a false sense of security. The day was a moving day, getting those of us who are going to the south island down to Wellington via a series of small towns. This resulted in 5 hours of sitting and dozing for most, by the end of which we’d all seized up quite solidly and our final exit from the bus looked like a senior’s day trip to the shopping mall.

In our continuing collection of “Big Things” today we passed the big carrot, the big bull and the big gumboot in the home of the international gumboot throwing festival (really…) Wellington itself is pleasant, with some great views from the various hills. It’s also home to the national museum “Te Papa”, a really quite impressive (free) exhibition space with some features similar to the Auckland one (but bigger) and some other things. I got to make my own animated squid and set him free and should be able to follow his life online. One of the highlights of the museum was a temporary exhibit of one of NZ’s best known photographers, Brian Brake who took many renowned images for Life and other magazines in the 60s and 70s. Not much photo wise today though as Te Papa doesn’t allow photographs of exhibits. Tossing some of our rafting ones up at the end though.

After the museum David and I went building spotting until our feet felt as if they might give out, and we now sit sprawled on our beds in Nomads. Tonight is just going to be dinner, maybe a beer or two then a very early night as we have to be on the bus to the ferry port at 6:45AM. Next update will be from the South Island, no idea when though.

P.S. sorry about the picture Wackyness, I forgot this doesn’t resize automatically well, will try to fix that soon, if not the proper looking ones will be up on facebook eventually.

Kia Ora!

The biggest drop of the day (7m)

We went even deeper, but this is the last shot with any raft showing til we come up.

Our group: Nikki in the front there was absolutely terrified, the guide eventually basically tossed her in the water at a safe spot.