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Awesomely terrible death scenes…

The topic of terrible cinematic death scenes came up on Twitter today (I believe originally to me via Bill Corbett) and this glorious gem was posted.

As you gather your wits after that stupidity, I’d like to ask… What are your favorite incredibly stupid but really funny as a result death scenes from movies? There’s a fine line between something like the previous which seems (I hope) to be tongue in cheek but still within the plot of the movie over to something that’s totally meant as comedy. 

A few personal favorites:

Not truly cinematic, but the return of the helicopter from the television show E.R. A few years after he loses his arm to a helicopter tail rotor, Dr. Robert Romano is killed by another helicopter falling off the roof and onto his head. It’s so incredibly over the top dumb yet awesome.

Troll 2: Almost any death in this movie is incredibly drawn out and stupid, but the ones where they turn into liquified green goo are especially horrid. Staying within the MST3K/Rifftrax genre gives us a bunch of other options of course. Every single railing death in Space Mutiny would be a candidate, Torgo’s “erotic” massage in Manos and so on. They’re almost too easy as targets though… here’s a nice compilation of the ultra cheesy.

Welsey Snipes final passing in demolition man (which was so incredibly telegraphed) …

Bond killing Blofeld in Never Say Never Again by dropping him down the smokestack was so over the top stupid yet undoubtedly entertaining.

What would your choice be?