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Don’t you put it in your mouth

Real… Ick!

What canadian kid of recent generations can forget this classic video. To this day all I have do is sing “Don’t you put in your mouth” at a gathering of friends and at least a couple people will join in with the entire first verse. The hilarious WTF nature of the puppets always made it a favorite too.

The mentalfloss blog had an entry today about creepy kids TV and that video was on it. I never really got a downright creepy vibe from it though on second glance the face of the girl puppet is downright demonic mid closeup.

I can’t say that I see the this clip as anything but scarring for little kids. I love the works of the late great Samuel Clemens more than I can say, but man the combination of what is already a bit out there of a story with some skin crawlingly creepy claymation produces what I could only call guaranteed nightmare fodder for those under 10. Hell, I found it creepier than 99% of the “horror” schlock hollywood puts out these days. This episode of the adventures of Mark Twain was apparently banned from TV after one showing.


Oddly enough I haven’t actually read the story in question… but yikes!

The rest of the videos don’t quite reach that level though the pure comedy factor of the following necessitate a link.

From The New Zoo Revue (which by itself sounds like a goat-happy alternative lifestyle magazine) we learn about sex!

70’s Hair

And one that’s apparently from a PBS show called “Many Voices, Many Visions” that, while obviously heavily edited and probably missing a ton of context, is still pretty cringe-worthy.

Little Black Boy

Thanks to Ransom Riggs over at Mentalfloss for making my morning… Check out their site!