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Note: this is in response to several messages I received on facebook about the Kirk Cameron nonsense. It isn’t directed at anyone in particular though it does serve as a rebuttal to a number of points lobbed my way. I should be back to writing more soon, I’ve been trying to do some skill building for job searches.

First off, Kirk Cameron is absolutely entitled to his own opinion. When he airs it upon an internationally televised program he submits his views for inspection and mockery. I feel the need to comment because I also feel the need to comment about hate speech. And yes anything that makes a fellow human being as somehow less worthy because of their sexual orientation IS hate speech. Holding such comments up to ridicule is the best way to keep them from doing harm.

Leaving aside the religious side of things because we will never agree there… and don’t make me pull out the list of things besides homosexuality the bible calls an abomination that no one gives a rat’s ass about…

I believe that it’s a tragedy that these sorts of comments from people like Cameron, Palin, Bachman, Limbaugh, Santorum etc… etc…  are expressed by people. I believe that any time some talking head states that gay people are somehow less deserving of basic human rights it encourages some bully somewhere to keep bullying that gay kid. The number of children/teens who are forced to withdraw from educational participation, drop out of school or worse are beaten, killed or commit suicide because of this culture of hysteria that somehow gay people are to blame for societal problems is a black mark on us all. Being gay is NOT a choice.

I take issue with Kirk (and others) somehow blaming gay people for a breakdown in society. In Kirk’s words same sex marriage is somehow “destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.” Poppycock!  This argument has been used since the dawn of society to marginalize some fringe group of society and blame them for what’s going on in the world. For centuries it was people of the Jewish faith, or people of colour. Now that we’ve (at least to some extent for the intelligent half of the population) gotten mostly past the issue of race we’re now blaming homosexuals for all of society’s ails. The optimistic side of me really hopes that when I’m 70 the next generation will look back on these fearmongers with the same ridicule and scorn we hold for the villains of the civil rights era like George Wallace and friends.

Gay marriage does NOT affect you.  Gay marriage does not cause wars. Gay marriage does not increase pollution, cause inflation or rape your dog. What happens in the bedroom of two consenting adults is none of your business and if their interpretation of their faith says that they can get married in the eyes of their god, their ancestors or the flying spaghetti monster then they (in Canada and the other progressive countries/states) can and will. People don’t have to like it, they don’t have to celebrate it but they do have to shut your mouth and accept that it is that couple’s right as citizens. Our law (and Americas) does not impose an “in the eyes of a christian god” aspect on marriage despite what christian fundamentalists would like. Using that as an argument means everyone non-christian shouldn’t be married in the eyes of Canada either.

I know a number of gay couples very well, two of these couples have children. In both cases they are every bit the equal of every straight couple I know raising children. Are their children going to turn out any differently?  Not really. They might get teased a bit thanks to Kirk and friends. They might be quicker to realize that they’re gay if they are. All that actually matters is that they’re going to end up raised properly and probably a lot more accepting of the variety in the world around them. Believe me when I say that my friend Kym is going to be a better mom than a lot of children I know ever get and you will never convince me that the fact that the other parent doesn’t have a penis will ever change that. Heck, one of the guys I met on my trip was raised by a gay male couple and he was the manliest man this side of Hulk Hogan.

I believe any of you as a person are entitled to your faith, but I don’t believe you’re entitled to force any part of your faith on other people.  One of the favourite arguments especially in the states is school prayer. I don’t believe that not having to say a prayer in school is a violation of freedom of religion.  Pray at home, then go to school. Why? the West Wing said it best:  “ It’s the fourth grader who gets his ass kicked at recess ’cause he sat out the voluntary prayer in homeroom. It’s another way of making kids different from other kids when they’re required by law to be there.” I accept that there are people on the extreme of my own viewpoint as well and they are equally wrong, but I refuse to kowtow to those people of faith who can’t seem to understand that “Freedom of Religion” also includes the choice to not have one.

Lastly, I reject the notion that not basing our laws on a faith system is truly imposing secular morality. (Even if we did no matter which one we chose a solid 75% of christians would disagree on parts of it.)  I would also argue that a christian morality is still very much being imposed on us, especially with God Emperor Harper in power. (but that’s a whole other ball of wax) However if creating a society in which people are free to worship or not according to their own beliefs without it impacting their human/citizen rights is how the christian/muslim/religious right chooses to define a “secular takeover” then I’m all for it.

P.S. Some of Alan Thicke’s tweets/comments about this have been classic.

” That meant it was up to former dad Alan Thicke to once again don the sweater vest of tough love, first comparing Cameron’s comments to the ongoing fallout over Rush Limbaugh, then saying, “I’m getting him some new books. The Old Testament simply can’t be expected to explain everything.” Thicke later added, “I love Kirk but I may have to spank him…’tho not in a gay way!” to let him know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t mad, just disappointed.” via