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How to make a chocolate courtesan

While I know Wes Anderson’s movies rub some people the wrong way I am personally an unabashed fanboy. I remember my first glimpse of the trailer for The Royal Tenenbaums while sitting in the sticky darkness of Cinema City. I was on a first or second date with some girl whose name I can’t recall. I turned to her afterwards as the last commercial for drinks in the lobby played and said something like “that looks interesting” and I still remember her replying but a really, almost valley girl “nah, looks dumb.” Pretty much from that moment I knew things were doomed. If I remember correctly she confirmed that assumption with some pretty stupid comments during the post movie drinks. It was our last time out together.

Since then I’ve seen everything that he’s put out (and gone back to catch Rushmore and Bottle Rocket) and I am waiting rather impatiently for The Grand Budapest hotel to debut here in Winnipeg. Unfortunately it arrives in theatres the day before I leave on holiday and may be gone by the time I have free time again two weeks later. In the meantime however I am very tempted to try the recipe for what is apparently the film’s signature dessert, a “Courtesan au Chocolat.” A mountain of chocolate and choux pastry intricately arranged in a very Anderson manner, it’s clearly a ton of work but I’m dying to try one.

Thankfully the recipe has been released as a video, shot as an in universe demo (perhaps it even appears in the movie as is, someone feel free to say so in the comments.

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