Greece 2024 Travelogue!

The dark hunger of the soul…

Hot Pocket Passive Aggressive Notes

I noticed this at my old government job as well, anything hotpocket-ish (be it HP’s, Pizza Pops or whatever) is stolen far more frequently than anything else I kept in the fridge. There was really little excuse in my building as well since there was so often free food kicking around.

Is it to do with the portable form factor of the food? Perhaps one can be stealthier in microwaving and eating a Hot Pocket than say a Michelina’s Fettucini Alfredo, there is after all always the chance that someone will see you washing the fork (or alternatively noticing a bundle of plastic forks in your desk.)

The more I read of the more I realize that some people are just unfit to share any sort of communal space. I actually don’t mind not having access to the lounge at my place of employment (I’m not permanent staff so no staff lounge, nor a grad student so no GSA lounge) for that reason. In truth it makes me eat at my desk while working too, which in turn means I get to leave early.

Apparently there is a dark hunger in man’s soul that can only be only be sated by food in pocket form.