Greece 2024 Travelogue!

The European Adventure: Prologue

So here I sit, desperately trying to think of anything I might have missed packing. I rather annoyingly lost a few pieces of kit and had to replace them last minute with a trip to the dreaded Walmart last night. The bag is tighter and lighter this time, lessons learned from the last trip and all that jazz.

Roughly 18 hours from now I’ll be in London. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit, but until now I’ve been limited to a couple hour stay in Heathrow as my only real experience. As much as I adored the antipodean adventure… THIS trip is the one that’s been on the radar for over a decade, cancelled at the last minute a few years ago and just generally subject to as much bad luck as you could possibly imagine. Well this time my mother hasn’t broken her leg, there appear to be no imminent volcano eruptions or anything else that should stop us today.

Once we’re all there the parents and I will be doing 3 weeks in various parts of England before I move on to the continent (with a possible Scots interlude in between.) Posts will be up here in much the style of the Aussie portion of the earlier trip, likely every two days or so depending on the amount of rain I’m hiding from or how much I drink down the pub (mmmm cider.)