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The fries are only $65…

From ABC News.

Burger King in London has apparently introduced what they call the world’s most expensive hamburger (which it isn’t, but that’s another story.

The burger is made of Wagyu beef and sits atop an Iranian saffron bun with organic mayonnaise, white truffles and pink Himalayan rock salt. It’s garnished with onion straws fried in Cristal champagne and Pata Negra ham drizzled in aged Modena balsamic vinegar.

For those who don’t know Wagyu Beef is a breed that has a premium flavour, texture and marbling and is raised on a diet that includes premium grains as well as Beer and Sake. The Pata Negra ham is Jamon Iberico and is another incredibly expensive meat made from free range hogs that eat mostly oak acorns. It was actually illegal in the states until last year. One would assume they mean the onions are battered in a champagne batter.

Price for one burger?

$190 U.S.

What on earth do you eat as a side dish with this thing? The standard BK fries would feel awfully lowbrow sitting next to it… or do they make special premium fries with this “pink Himalayan rock salt” as a coating?

My other question (and a question brought up by many on the SA forums) is who do they get to cook these things? Is it just the usual minimum wage slaves who generally make my whopper or do they actually bring in a chef to do it? I somehow can’t imagine the regular staff being any part of the process of creating a burger where the beef alone costs more per pound than they make a day.

All the proceeds from this fancy-pants burger actually go to a London based charity.