Greece 2024 Travelogue!

Travel Ideas

travelI’ve been in school a long time. A really long time. Even when you consider that I took some time off it’s been way too long. At long last, it is coming to an end (cross your fingers) this December. Exactly four months from today marks the end of the December exam period and the last possible day that I can have an exam. In celebration of the momentous moment (and since I can’t actually go to my convocation until May) I’m planning a bit of an epic trip post-grad. My question is… where should I go?
First: A few guidelines
1.    Nowhere in North America: I’ve covered the continent pretty exhaustively, and the bits I’ve missed would be fairly easy to do in an one or two week trip over the next couple years.
2.    I’d prefer to stay away from places I’ve been before, again… most of North America, Mexico and the route from Paris to Barcelona. I’ve got lots of new places to see.
3.    I have no massive desire to go to Japan.
4.    I’m planning to get SCUBA certified this fall and plan to do some diving.

Second: Current Ideas
1.    China: My cousin is living in Shanghai at the moment, if they’re able to put me up for a week or two I’d love to use it as a base. Not really close, but I’d love to go to Xi’an in person and see Qin’s tomb.
2.    Thailand: Food = awesome, political instability less so.
3.    Australia/NZ:  If I do the asia thing, these will be on the list. Friends just returned from 8 months or so in Australia and will hit them up for tips.
4.    Likewise various islands, Chuk, Fiji etc…
5.    Bhutan/Nepal: Probably too high a financial commitment for one place
6.    India: Some interest in going, but I’m not sold. If I could avoid the big cities for the most part I’d be more convinced.
7.    Kenya: I’d love to do the Safari thing
8.    Egypt: Recent Art History class has only made me want to go here more.
9.    South Africa: Not the most fun country security wise for travelling on the cheap (or so I hear from a recent visitor, correct me if I’m wrong)
10.    Brazil: See #9
11.    Peru: If I go near South America at all, this will be top of the list. Macchu Pichu and Nazca would be amazing.
12.    Europe in general seems to demand the mega Eurail pass and do whatever.
13.    England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland: No brainer, trip has been put off twice… I’m going
14.    France: not entirely convinced I need to go again, if I did I’d want to check out the north and east regions, maybe a quick Riviera visit if it wouldn’t bleed me dry.
15.    Spain: I’d definitely enjoy visiting Barcelona again, maybe making it to Gibraltar. I’d really enjoy hitting the Canary islands as well, but that may not be feasible this trip.
16.    Holland: Absolutely, I’d like to see more than just Amsterdam however.
17.    Prague: Architecture along would make this a must do.
18.    Italy: I’d like to visit rome for a bit, Tuscany maybe elsewhere
19.    Greece: An Aegean cruise of some sort followed by a stay in Athens would be wicked.
20.    Germany: Not entirely sold on Germany, but not against it either.
And that’s just 20 off the top of my head… any thoughts?