Greece 2024 Travelogue!

Tristan’s Antipodean Adventure: Prologue



Is there ANYTHING more frustrating than packing for a long journey with minimal space? The endless second guessing of what to take and what to leave behind has led me to take a break and start my travelogue posts a little bit early. As I write this I’ve just received confirmation that my New Zealand adventure tour is all set (though I imagine our time in Christchurch will be minimized from the original plan given earthquake aftermath.)  In a few short days I’ll be hiking those beautiful mountains from Lord of the Rings, snorkeling with turtles and clownfish and perhaps even swimming with dolphins. Winnipeg weather is conspiring to give me a frigid send off to remind me of what I’m escaping.

Since so many family/friends wanted to keep up with how the trip is going and I didn’t feel like sending out mass emails, I figure I’ll update  with travel posts here on occasion. Don’t expect much for the first bit though as I recover from 28 odd hours of airport/flight time and spend some time getting to know my tour mates. I’ll be checking my usual email addy(s) when I can though, and likely checking on facebook as well.

See you all in time for sandbagging!