Greece 2024 Travelogue!

Two Days Left! Get out and fringe!

Just some quick reviews today, it’s late and I have a long day planned tomorrow.

Daddy Issues – Peter Aguero – RRC

This was simply intense storytelling. Aguero is a longtime contributor to The Moth podcast/storyslams and for this show has taken a number of those stories to combine into a fringe show. As you might guess from the title the focus is strongly on his relationship with his father though we also get some glimpses into his upbringing in general. Here’s hoping he makes good on his promise to come back next year.


Snack Music – Snafu Theatre – Venue #8

A very different show. Improvised music, dance and kitchen utensil puppetry based on stories from the audience. I’m sure they’re always great but I felt like we got an extra amazing collection of stories for our instalment and the addition of an ASL interpreter and a strong deaf contingent in the audience made for a unique experience in my fringe travels. These are some gifted performers and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get to Kitt and Jane last year despite the recommendations.


The Orchid and the Crow – Daniel Tobias – Venue #1

Better known round these parts as ‘german’ punk clown Otto Rot of Die Roten Punkte, Tobias presents his solo show more or less as himself. It’s a tale of his upbringing as an atheist Jew in Australia, his diagnosis as subsequent defeat  of testicular cancer and his onetime love affair with Lance Armstrong. The narrative is augmented by some really great songs co-written with Clare Bartholemew (The other half of DRP) and an oddly fascinating animation sequence with the titular characters. This was admittedly not what I was expecting but was one of my favourites of the festival.


God is a Scottish Drag Queen 3– Mike Delamont – Venue #6

Another one where there isn’t much to say at this point. An hour spent in the company of Delamont’s god is always a blast and this show was as on point as ever. Definitely worth catching if you have a chance or go see the remount of parts 1/2 at the Pantages in October.


Die Rotten Punkte – Venue #1

Just to make the Orchid and the Crow seem weirder to my brain in the aftermath I decided to catch the late night Die Roten Punkte ‘best of’ show. As ever Astrid and Otto were a blast as they played out their mix of physical/musical comedy on stage. If you’ve never seen them they are ‘german’ orphans who learned to play together as the punk/rock band now known as Die Roten Punkte – The Red Dots. My only warning is not to sit in the front row if you’re a shy man as you might end up with a face full of  Astrid Rot.


Overheard in line: “Oh, I’ve already flyered you? Have some candy then.” – The nice lady from Hitler’s Little Abomination

Highlight: Snack Music, but only just. If I was able to catch another show of theirs this fest I would.

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